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Jungle Honey Company BioActive Eucalyptus Honey

The Jungle Honey Company Australia produces the highest quality 100% pure raw medical grade BioActive Eucalyptus honey from our beehives right here in Australia. With Total Activity ratings of TA30+ and TA35+ our honey products offer superior health benefits to more traditional honeys like Manuka and Melaleuca.
Jungle Honey Company offer our 100% pure raw Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey in three all natural varieties:

Jarrah Honey

Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Jarrah Honey is a dark, thick, tasty and aromatic honey with somewhat of a caramel aftertaste. It is not as sweet as other Eucalyptus honeys due to its low glucose and high fructose levels. One of the key benefits of a low glucose and high fructose level is that our pure Jarrah honey will not crystallise. Whilst all our honeys have similar medicinal properties, our Jarrah honey is suited to those who enjoy a rich or robust honey flavour.

Red Gum Honey

Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Red Gum Honey has a beautifully clear, thick and rich golden colour with a smooth, mild honey flavour. Less aromatic than our Jarrah honey, it is popular with those who enjoy smooth and lighter tasting honey. Red Gum also has relatively low levels of glucose and higher levels of fructose. This results in a honey with an overall somewhat less sweet taste than other honeys.

Blackbutt Honey

Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Blackbutt Honey is a dark coloured honey with a strong full-bodied flavour similar to our Jarrah honey. The darker colour in the Blackbutt honey comes from a naturally higher mineral content within the trees and flowers themselves. The higher mineral content occurs naturally within Blackbutt Eucalyptus as the trees draw up nutrients from the surrounding rocky soil.

Achieving Monofloral Honey

Jungle Honey Company Apiary site within or adjacent to monoflora (meaning only one type of tree) natural Australian Eucalyptus forest. Hives are sited in locations only when the forest is in bloom. In doing so, Jungle Honey Company ensures our bees collect from only one species of gum tree resulting in the highest concentration of the Total Activity of any Eucalyptus Gum Honey on the market.

As our honey bees only have a foraging radius of 5 km from our Apiary site according to a strict set of criteria. In doing so, we are able to ensure our bees have access to not only to just a single floral source of nectar, but also that they are collecting in natural eucalyptus forests that are free from introduced contamination.

Achieving the highest medicinal properties in honey

Jungle Honey have selected the three species of Eucalyptus Gumtrees (Jarrah, Red Gum and Blackbutt) after many years of trials and testing on numerous varieties of Gum Trees. Following testing for Peroxide Activity (PA), Non-Peroxide Activity (NPA) and other natural health benefits, Jungle Honey was able to determine these three specific species of Eucalyptus Gumtrees enabled our bees to produce the highest quality medicinal Eucalyptus Honey available.

Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey contains extremely high levels of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Unlike some other honey producers, the super active medicinal properties in Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus Medicinal Honey are all naturally occurring with no interference or introduced material whatsoever.

Our bees forage nectar on gum flowers within all natural monofloral gum tree forests. As they do so they add enzymes, glucose and oxidisers to the nectar to form naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide. As the nectar is passed from one bee to another within the hive, more enzymes are added which converts the nectar into honey. As the enzymes react with water in the honey, glucose and fructose occur naturally. The process also has an intensifying effect and supercharges the level of the key naturally occurring ingredient - hydrogen peroxide.

It is this naturally occurring level of hydrogen peroxide that makes Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus Gum BioActive Medicinal Honey such a powerful medicinal honey. Whereas pasteurized honeys available in supermarkets are often cheaper, they are mostly blended honey (not monofloral) and do not have anywhere near the same antimicrobial potency as active, medicinal honeys.

Total Activity or TA in Eucalyptus gum honey is the level of antimicrobial activity present within the honey. It is scientifically measured and graded to determine the level of TA. The number of a TA score (for example 35+) represents the medicinal antimicrobial strength of the honey. The higher the TA number the greater antimicrobial strength of that honey. The medicinal properties of Total Activity honey are derived from both peroxide activity and non peroxide activity (PA + NPA = TA).

In order to guarantee our Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey is delivering on the high level of medicinal properties we claim, the Jungle Honey Company has our honeys rigorously tested to ensure our claimed levels of 30+ - 35+ Total Activity are maintained. Any batch of honey that does not meet this exacting standard, is not released for sale as Bioactive honey.

Achieving a Full Cycle Natural Honey

At Jungle Honey, we care about the health and wellbeing of our honey producing bees. When selecting the honey that goes into Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey, we harvest only premium honey that our bees have produced from a single floral source.
Obviously, Eucalyptus forests are not in flower all year round. Accordingly, when our select forests are not flowring, our hives are moved other suitable locations free from contamination. The honey produced by our bees when accessing non-target species of Eucalyptus tree is separated and held as a food source for our bees in winter. It is not included in Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus Gum BioActive Medicinal Honey. Our single source honey is not blended or mixed with other sources enabling us to guarantee the authenticity of our unique monoflora medicinal honey.
Whilst managing our bees in this way results in a far smaller annual yield than most other honey producers, the benefit of such a rigorous management regime is seen not only in the quality of our honey, but also in the health of our bees.
Other honey producers typically collect all the honey that their bees produce all year round- regardless of the source. Over winter, bees are often fed on sugar water as a substitute for the winter store of honey that has been taken away. Whilst there is currently no evidence to suggest bees fed on sugar water are any less healthy that bees fed on honey, at Jungle Honey, we aim to ensure our bees are fed the way nature intended – from 100% natural honey that they have produced themselves.

Achieving BioActive Honey

What makes Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus Gum Medicinal Honey ‘BioActive’? And what is Bioactivity? Bioactive honey contains additional beneficial compounds beyond the typical sugars and enzymes found in most honey. These extra compounds, known as bioactive components, provide a significant number of additional health benefits when compared to regular honey. You can read about the health benefits of Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey on our .
BioActive Honey with a Total Activity TA30+ is considered to be Very High - Medical Grade honey. BioActive honey with a TA 35+ is considered to be Super Strength – Medical Grade honey. Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey contains only medicinal grade honey being harvested honey with a TA grater than 30+.
Total activity (TA) is a measure of the antimicrobial potency (bacterial + fungal). It is determined by the level of hydrogen peroxide and non-peroxide antimicrobial activity present in the honey.


Comparisons with other honeys

What makes our Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey Unique?

Beyond the obvious health benefits of our BioActive honey, Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey is sustainably sourced from natural Australian Eucalyptus Gum Forests. Our honey is free from contaminants, preservatives and anything that is not honey. It is 100% raw natural honey. Our honey contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and is traceable from the source through the hive to the shelf. The Quality, Authenticity and Medicinal Properties of Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey are certified by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute.

Comparison to Pasteurized Honey

Often, people are most familiar with honey that can be purchased from supermarkets. Whilst a cheap and edible source of honey, such honey products are not medicinal, are often blended from a variety of unknown sources, are low in quality and are not always made of pure honey. In order to maintain long shelf life of honeys that contain introduced material or sweeteners, such honey products are often pasteurized. The pasteurization process can destroy some of the naturally occurring medicinal properties of the honey. Pasteurized honeys do not have anywhere near the same antimicrobial potency as active, healing honeys.

Comparison to Manuka Honey

Manuka honeys are active honeys, meaning that they only have antibacterial properties. Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey has both antibacterial and antimicrobial activity which can also fight off virus pathogens.

The active compound in most Manuka honey is methylglyoxal. Methylglyoxal contributes to the distinctive earthy and bitter taste of Manuka honey. The active compound in Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey is the naturally occurring Hydrogen Peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide in honey does not affect taste or texture and results in a smooth, fragrant and sweet dark amber honey.

The medicinal properties of Manuka Honey are formed from an enzyme called methylglyoxal (MGO) which is a non-peroxide activity (NPA) and is measured as mg/kg. UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) is another term used to describe the non-peroxide activity (NPA) in Manuka honey and typically ranges from 5+ to 25+. UMF is term created in the 1990’s by the New Zealand Unique Manuka Factor Honey Association (UMFHA). Whilst it does describe quality assurance related to New Zealand origin Manuka honey, it is largely a commercial or marketing term and has no relevance to other honeys.

The medicinal properties of Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey are derived from not only the Non-Peroxide Activity within the honey (as for Manuka Honey) but also the Peroxide Activity (not present in Manuka Honey). The combination of NPA and PA result in the Total Activity (TA) rating. TA ratings are typically generated in 5 point increments from a TA of 5. Manuka Honeys do not receive TA ratings as they contain no PA. Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey receives a TA rating from Australian Government laboratory testing (Nation Measurements Institute) of between 30+ to 35+.
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