Certified Australian BioActive Eucalyptus Honey

Pure- Raw- Natural

After many years of testing and experimentation, Jungle Honey Company have been able to hone a process that results in the targeting of only three species of native Australian eucalyptus flora. The three specific species of Eucalyptus targeted generate honey of the highest quality containing the highest level of medicinal properties.

Jungle Honey Company’s Apiarists sight our beehives to ensure our bees forage for nectar in clean native Australian eucalyptus forests, accessing only our target species of Eucalyptus Gum. In doing so, The Jungle Honey Company is able to produce all-natural Australian BioActive honey of the highest of Total Activity, Quality, medicinal properties and unique fragrance.

Every batch of Jungle Honey Company’s BioActive honey is Australian Government Laboratory Certified and vigorously tested to ensure the highest degree of export quality assurance.


(Eucalyptus marginata)

Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Jarrah Honey is a dark, thick, tasty and aromatic honey with somewhat of a caramel aftertaste.

(Eucalyptus pilularis)

Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Blackbutt Honey is a dark coloured honey with a strong full-bodied flavour similar to our Jarrah honey.

(Corymbia calophylla)

Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal RedGum Honey has a beautifully clear, thick and rich golden colour with a smooth, mild honey flavour.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to supply the world with the highest quality medicinal grade BioActive 100% natural eucalyptus honey harvested from native Australian Eucalyptus forests.

BioActive Eucalyptus Honey

The Jungle Honey Company Australia produces the highest quality 100% pure raw medical grade BioActive Eucalyptus Gum honey from our beehives right here in Australia. With Total Activity ratings of between 30+ or 35+ our honey products offer superior health benefits to more traditional honeys like Manuka and Melaleuca.

Use on the Skin

Natural medicine texts have described how honey promotes healing of wounds and sores and acts as an antiseptic, a pain reliever, and a cooling balm that speeds recovery from burns.

Slow or Support Aging

Honey helps build tissues and generate energy and heat, three properties that make it good for aging bodies. One or two teaspoons of honey in a cup of warm water with lemon is a refreshing and strengthening drink.

Improve Blood Health

Because honey contains iron, manganese, and copper, it is excellent for building haemoglobin. In cases of anaemia, natural medicine practitioners suggest using honey to maintain the right balance of haemoglobin in red blood cells.

Aide Digestive Health

Honey is easily digested and assimilated, making it one of the best sweet foods for reducing stress on the digestive organs. Honey is also useful for maintaining the health of the stomach.
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