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Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey

Natural honeys have been used by humans for their healing properties form many thousands of years. The Egyptians in particular are well known for their use of honey in treating a wide variety of ailments.

More relevant to Eucalyptus Honey, Aboriginal Australians have used Gumtree Honey for many thousands of years both as a food and energy source but have also harnessed the healing powers of pure natural honey.

As an edible medicinal grade honey, Jungle Honey Company Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey can be enjoyed for more than just its unique flavours and aromas. It can be taken internally (eaten or consumed as part of a drink) or, if preferred, use topically (on the skin in a pure form or as part of a compress) to harness it’s medicinal benefits.

Whilst the full benefit of a diet rich in Eucalyptus BioActive Medicinal Honey is still being researched, some of the known benefits include:
Antimicrobial / Antibacterial properties. – helps the body fight bacterial infections.
Antifungal Properties – kills or stops the growth of fungal pathogens.
Anti-inflammatory Properties – Helps reduce inflammation in the body. It can be particularly useful for people with conditions like arthritis or other inflammatory diseases.
Antioxidants – Helps protect the body against diseases associated with oxidative stress / damage from free radicals.
Promotion of skin health – Aiding skincare to support glowing complexion.
Improve gut health.
Oral and throat health – Soothing coughs and sore throats.
Low GI.
Low in glucose/high in fructose energy source.
Supports the body’s natural immune system.
Aides the digestive system and encourages good gut health.
Natural pre-workout energy boost.
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