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Jungle Honey Company Australia was founded by Tim Nguyen in Victoria Australia in 2017. Tim hales from a family with generations of extensive medical experience across a wide variety of medical disciplines including both Western and Eastern medical traditions. As an experienced Apiarist, and with input from his family, Tim recognised the medicinal benefits and outstanding healing power of raw natural Eucalyptus floral honey.

After many years of testing and experimentation, Jungle Honey Company have been able to hone a process that results in the targeting three species of native Australian eucalyptus flora. The three specific species of Eucalyptus Gumtree targeted generate honey of the highest quality containing the highest level of medicinal properties.

Jungle Honey Company’s Apiarists with a combined beekeeping experience of over 40 years, manage beehives to ensure our bees forage for nectar in clean native Australian eucalyptus forests, accessing only our target species of Eucalyptus . In doing so, The Jungle Honey Company is able to produce all-natural Australian BioActive honey of the highest of Total Activity, Quality, medicinal properties and unique fragrance.

Every batch of Jungle Honey Company’s BioActive honey is Australian Government Laboratory Certified and vigorously tested to ensure the highest degree of export quality assurance.
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